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Projector displays different sources/resolutions at different sizes/offsets?


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I've recently got a projector, but am having a problem with the setup in that my three main sources display at different positions and sizes. I originally thought it was the fact they were different resolutions, but it seems to be more than that. For the DVD player, 576p and 480p offset left and right respectively, but this doesn't happen with the Xbox 360 (although I can't verify 480p with a film as it is set to Region 2, just using the menu to judge). The Wii is the worst offender, displaying a shrunken image.

It works out like this:

DVD R1 (480p) - overlap left, short right
DVD R2 (576p) - overlap right, short left
XBox 360 R2 (576p) and R1 (480p) - overlap left, short right
XBox 360 Game (720p) - greater overlap left and right, overlap top
Wii - worst of the lot, short all around, more so to the right (by about a foot) - on 480p, 480i and 576i

All sources are hooked up via component to the receiver, with one component out to the projector. I've ensured that aspect ratio is 16:9, and that overscan is off (although they should all be affected equally by any settings regardless, considering it is all through the one input). The dvd player is an Arcam DV88+ and the receiver an Arcam AVR300, and the projector is an Infocus IN76.

I thought of buying a scaler, but the R2 dvd offsetting left or right depending on source (360 or dvd player) made me think this might not help. Any ideas would be appreciated!


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I have an old Ae500 with 510hrs on it in 4 yrs so going to run it into the ground and wait for the 1080p's to be around the £1K mark


My Ae500 is connected to my PS3 for games and Blu Ray and a Samsung upscaling DVD. Both inputs move the screen to different places!!! It is annoying, Hi Def creates left right alignment but a gap top and bottom. I have to move the projector to realign the image on my screen for each input either gaming, Hi def or upscaled DVD watching, sometimes I just leave it, wish they could sort this out even with the newer PJs.

Peter Parker

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If the image is moving around, then you possibly don;t have the aspect ratio set for them to take advantage of the entire display panel. That will definitely be the case if it overlaps onto the border of the screen.

If the projector uses the full display panel with no inputs active, use that to fit the image to the screen. Then provided the correct display mode is used it should fill the screen in most cases. You will get black bars top and bottom for 1.85:1 and 2.35:1 movies, but you shouldn't get it with 16:9 images. Some DVDs don't always use all of the resolution so may have small black bars at the sides and they may not be even. Usually a CRT tv will hide these due to the overscan but a projector can show the entire resolution (unless it has a default overscan or you choose one yourself).

Play around with the different aspect mode and see what results you get, but set the panel alignment up first.


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I also have an IN76, are you using separate inputs for each source or switching them through your receiver with the component outputs?

All of my kit goes to my projector via the HDMI, trying region 1 or 2 on my dvd player doesn't give any shift in image, tried region 2 on xbox same no shift, tried hd dvd as well with no shift.
Xbox dashboard fills screen edge to edge nicely.
Using Wii does give smaller image all round on 480p changing to 576i ( my amp changes to 576p) gives a slightly larger image.
I lose about 1-2 inches on the right on a 70inch screen using sky, but different channels are slightly different.

I normally have crop set on over scan in picture menu of projector so as to get the most even picture size across all sources but took it off to see how much difference it made. It might be worth trying it like that.


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Gary, Al, thanks. I used a combination of your suggestions by setting the screen to be filled on the projector's "blank screen" option, then overscan to zoom, and the picture offset is the same for both the 360 and the dvd player. The wii is still showing a smaller image, but as it only gets used when there have been a few beers on the go it doesn't matter so much ;)

Cheers :thumbsup:

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