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    I am planning out my new home theater and am trying to find a projector that will fit my needs. I plan on running everything off my PC, which has DVI output through my ATI All-in-Wonder 9800 Pro. The video will run through a receiver and out to a projector. So here are my questions:

    1. Which connection will provide the highest quality output to my projector?

    I am assuming the DVI output from my video card is better than the S-Video out. I am looking at one projector (BenQ PB6200) that accepts S-Video and an RGB signal for input, and another projector (Sanyo PLV-Z2) that accepts S-Video, DVI-I, and component video as input.

    2. Can anyone recommend a receiver that will accept the DVI from my computer (I could also use a DVI to HDMI cable if necessary) and output to whatever the highest quality is from the question above?

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