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This is my first post on this forum so I hope I can get assistance on the various issues I have.

I saw a demo of a SANYO PLV-Z1 at the weekend and was very impressed, however I had a few concerns as they were using a high end progressive DVD player which perhaps helped the PQ a lot - not sure of the brand (ARCAM I think) but around the 800 quid mark which is above my budget .Anyway on to the questions.

1. I will need to upgrade my DVD player to one that has component out & possibly progressive but I was wondering should I try and get a PAL progressive player such as Philips 963 . I was going to get Toshiba SD 520 but this does not do PAL progressive. The question is how much difference does progressive scan make to PAL DVD's on a projector - I buy the odd R2 DVD but I do actually tend to rent quite a lot from the local video library.

2. Connecting SKY+ , games consoles to projector. I would like to do this but will obviously need to take my RGB scart connections and convert to COMPONENT I guess using either JS converter or KEENE syncblaster (cheaper). However will the picture look terrible on large screen like this as there is no line doubling going on. I notice SKY picture sometimes is pretty crappy due to too much compression/artifacts so I guess when blown up to 8 feet could look really bad - anyone had any experiences with this.

3. In addition to point 2 I would now effectively have 2 component sources but have to get this to one input on projector . Are there any cheap component switch boxes available i.e. not hundreds of pounds which would allow switching of 2 component sources - similar to cheap SCART switch boxes you can buy. I have YAMAHA amp that has component switch (DSP-AX620) however I assume the component switch only works when you switch sound source and I have affectively 4 sound sources to manage - SKY via audio L/R, DVD through digital coax, games consoles - PS2 via optical and GAMECUBE from another audio L/R feed so I could switch component source but would not be able to manage all my sound sources.

4. Is it worth investing in line doublers etc. - however these seem very expensive compared to the rest of the set-up - are there any cheap models available or should I just find DVD player that can do progressive. Also will these line doublers like ISCAN make much difference to SKY+ , games console pictures

Sorry for the length of this post but any help would be greatly appreciated


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The projector is already doing line doubling/de-interlacing. It cannot work b showing an interlaced image. The question has to be firstly whether the de-interlacing in an external device, whether DVD player or video processor, is superior to that inside the projector. I have not seen projector so cannot make any comment on that.

Generally speaking you want to try and get all sources to the projector in the quality as close to their native form. So DVD, GC and PS2 I'd try to turn in to Component. Sky you can turn to component using a JS box. You now have to find a component switcher. Key Digital do one but it's not out here yet. Audio Authority do one as do "inline" I think.

If you can't get all to high quality component outs then decide what is your most important and optimise that.

When deciding on whether to go with an off baord video processor or a prog can DVD player you should note that the off board processor will benefit PS2 and Sky (GC can output progressive itself can't it?) as well as DVD while prog scan DVD player will only optimise DVD's. If yoou visit my web site you can see a list of DVD's that are sometimes worth purchasing to take to a dem. Star Trek Insurrection is one and the opening scene should show quite simply whether you are going to see an appreciable difference with an prog scan DVD player or video processor

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