Projector Centrals Z4 Review



Very impressive. If the Z4 really is that good, then I can't see how high-end DLP is going to compete. You could even end up with worse performance!

For the PLV-Z4 could be placed side-by-side with the most expensive high-end single-chip DLP projectors that are six times its price and hold its own in head-to-head performance.

We dare suggest that in a shoot-out between the Z4 and any of the high-end DLP products wherein the models were not revealed to the audience in advance, the PLV-Z4 might actually be favored by some consumers for its exceptional contrast, deep color saturation, and image sharpness.
Time for some DLP price reductions I think. :)


Hmm, I've just read ROne's review which seems to be in complete contrast with ProjectorCentral. :confused:

I must admit, the dynamic iris is putting me off even considering these LCD PJs - no matter how good their contrast may be. These iris' are great in principle but the implementation needs a bit of work.

Anyway, my H57 is still wowing me, so I'll probably wait until the 1080 machines are available and skip 720 altogether. :)


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I had a look at the Z4 yesterday playing StarWars episode 2 (thanks to NexNix open day), but found the blacks lacked a whole heap of detail that I can see on my 36" Toshiba - This might have been set up of course!
I also noticed distortion on panning shots that firmed up once the image stopped moving - fuzzy edges that snapped back to solid once panning motion was finished. All in all dissapointing and on this basis its not for me which is a pity given the cost Vs DLP.


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Projector central's reviews are just plain silly.

They are not objective at all, and are more "let's keep everyone happy." But then again I've never used their information to make a decision.

To say that the Z4 is a massive leap over the Z3 is just plain wrong, and they constantly alluded to this.

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