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Just got my first projector.

Now need to purchase the ceiling bracket.... Simple

I know the bracket I'm looking to purchase will be from "LMP"

My question that I'm unsure about is:

The LMP ceiling mount can be purchased with different drops (from ceiling to projector), 50 mm at a time.

The only way I can think of working out what drop I'll need is by holding the projector from the ceiling with it projecting onto the screen & then asking the better half to measure the distance from ceiling to projector.

The projector is the AE500 so I imagine many of you have had experiences when fitting your 100's & 300's up.

Is there a right way or a better way? Any feed back would be most welcomed.

:confused: :confused: :confused:


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Here is the way I set my HS10 drop,

First thing to do is decide what distance from the wall you will be mounting the PJ. Then carry out every thing below from that size.

I turned the PJ upside down (this sets the top of the screen) and projected an image onto the wall to find a comfortable viewing position, then measured down from the ceiling to the top of the image and noted it.

Then I turned the PJ back upwrite put it on the floor projecting back on the wall and simply kept stacking books under it measuring the height from the floor to the image until this was the same as my noted size.

Using the height of books (about 7" in my case) I made my mount. This worked out perfectly with no need for keystone correction as the drop size is an exact match for the PJ.

If you could imagine the floor as you’re ceiling tuned upside down it’s very easy to do.



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Manys thanks for the feed back.

After a bit of thinking today I came up with my own way forward.

I've now put a free standing shelf unit roughly where the projector will be located & will now put the books on top of that to then enable me to get my exact measurements.

(2 down 1 to go)

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