Projector cabling - component/S-video/etc.


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My wife and I have just bought our first projector, the Optoma 600x-lv. We're very pleased with the picture quality - we've attached a netbook and used a VGA cable to watch television via a USB TV tuner. The only problem is that I seem to suffer from rainbow effect, though not very severely, and may be getting eye strain from it. But we have only had it for a few days.

I want to be able to play DVDs and VHS tapes (yes, really) but am a bit daunted by the cabling options:

- The projector offers me HDMI, VGA, S-video, composite and RS-232 (whatever that is).

- The DVD player has composite, S-video, RGB (i.e. component?), 2 x RCA audio out and what I would call coaxial, not sure if that's the right name (like a pre-SCART way of connecting your VHS recorder to the TV - note, no SCART on the DVD player!).

- The VHS player has just coaxial and SCART.

At the moment the DVD signal leaves via composite and goes into the VHS player via SCART, and then makes it to the old (pre-SCART!) TV from there. I was thinking of keeping that DVD-VHS setup, i.e. DVD (composite) -> VHS (SCART) -> projector; but from reading other posts on this forum I suspect that sending my DVD signal via composite through a VHS player is not going to produce a good result. (Incidentally, I tested using the SCART-composite lead to connect the VHS player to the projector and it is watchable.)

So, could anyone please advise on what might be best for me? Shall I keep my SCART-composite lead and use it to send the VHS signal to the projector, on the grounds that that won't be improved by a superior connection? Or is there a better way? And how should the DVD signal make it to the projector - RGB to S-video, maybe? Or an RGB-VGA cable? Or am I better off buying an external DVD drive to attach to the notebook, and watch DVDs that way over VGA?

Very grateful for any replies! :)


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Think you really need an AV receiver. All devices into one unit and one output (idealy hdmi).
Thanks. I hadn't heard of that before. However the projector is part of my wife's plan to reduce the number of electrical items in our living room and this will not get past her! I was hoping that I could get away with a couple of £5-£10 cables - is that not going to be possible?


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Get a S-video cable and hook the DVD up to the projector with that.

Get a composite cable (yellow) and hook the VCR up with that.

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What are you using for the audio side of your system?

The normal arrangement is an AV Amplifier (as recommended above) which doubles as a switching centre.

You then get sound & vision switched together from each source, with the minimum of cabling.

Hint for Mrs Jasonzz:

Much easier to operate, too! :smashin:


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Thanks. I was wondering if S-video (presumably output from RGB... or S-video) was best for the DVD player.

The audio is a small pair of speakers that have an audio jack input. They are not much bigger than your average external computer speakers - but we're fine with that.

My wife's main aims are to reduce clutter and to prevent her wasting her time channel-surfing, by making TV inconvenient to watch. The big screen we're getting from the projector, as far as I'm concerned, is an asset, but it's incidental to her plan. :D
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