Projector and Wireless? Would this home audio & video set-up work?


Hi all,

I'm currently configuring my home audio & video set-up, and I would like to receive some feedback before buying the actual components.

I would like to be able to do three things, with as little wires as possible and with good audio quality:
1) Stream audio from my phone / laptop to a stereo speaker system over wifi (better quality than bluetooth)
2) Play audio from my turntable (= Denon DP300-F, only component I already purchased), ideally wirelessly, again over wifi
3) Stream video wireless from my laptop to a projector, with audio coming from the same stereo system to which my turntable is connected

This is the set-up I currently have in mind:
  • 2 battery powered, active speakers (with integrated amp), that can receive bluetooth, wifi and have a analog line input
  • Projector + amazon fire stick
  • Audio wifi streamer with analog line inputs

This should allow me to do all three of the above as follows:
1) Wifi speakers can receive audio directly from laptop and since they're battery powered, they're completely wire free.
2) Turntable would be connected to audio streamer via RCA cables. These can again stream wireless over wifi to the speakers.
3) My laptop can send audio + video directly to the amazon fire stick that's plugged into the projector. The fire stick can then send the audio - over bluetooth - to the wireless speakers. I can live with the fact that audio during film might be of lesser quality as it is sent over bluetooth.

Now for my questions:
  • Do you think this set-up would work? Why / why not?
  • If yes, do you have any product suggestions? Budget indication for following (all) three components = +- 1.000€: Active speakers / Audio streamer / Projectors ?

And finally: I might be able to get a sonos connect through a friend pretty much for free. Except for the Sonos Move, Sonos does not support bluetooth. But since these speakers are 400€ a piece, the stereo system alone would pretty much consume my entire budget. So if I decide to work with Sonos my only option would be to add a bluetooth receiver to the sonos connect and buy 2 x Sonos one. This receiver will capture the audio signal from the amazon fire stick when I'm streaming a movie. However, I was wondering if the delay on this connection (fire stick => BT receiver => Sonos Connect => wifi => Sonos one) could cause lipsync issues? Or do you think this is not a real risk?

Looking forward to hearing what some more experienced users think about this set-up..

Thanks in advance for all feedback,


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