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On the verge of purchasing something big. I'm currently torn between the Panasonic G20 and the V20. Then throw a projector into the mix.

So I can get the
Panasonic V20 50"
Cost: £1500


Panasonic 42" G20
plus the Optoma HD200x with 84"
Cost: £1600

I guess the bottom line is I'd like a new plasma for general TV viewing and movies with the occasional game. Now I've seen my friends G20 and I've got to admit I was blown away by the quality of the screen. this is the reason I've looked into upgrading my Panasonic PW6. then I stumbled upon the V20 and how it's better than the G20, then of course the projector comes into play which I can get with the G20, but not with the V20


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I have both set up in my front room. Wasnt at all convinced I needed a projector but managed a great deal on the panasonics currys were discontinuing so jumped in. I will probably always have one now. I use the TV for general use, some tv and some gaming. But theres nothing quite like watching a film on a massive screen from the comfort of your own couch. Its such a different experience. A few pals of mine since seeing it up and running are looking into gettin one of their own. Ive just plumbed my old sky box in so I can watch the world cup on it. Nippin asda after work tomorra for the booze and im all sorted :D

I have a 50 inch tele but if i had to reduce down to 42 (which I had previously) to keep the projector i would in a heartbeat.


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Thanks for the reply.

A concern I had was that as I was surprised of the quality of the G20 I watched at my friends I'd not get that feeling from a 'low end' projector. Or mid range possibly at best. I was thinking I'd need to stump up over a £1000 for projector to match the quality of a G20/V20.

I assume I'd get that wow factor from a projector, but is this just from the size of the screen. Or is the detail/sharpness just as good on your projector?

I'd hate to get the projector, then prefer the Plasma for movies. I definitely can't stretch on the projector so £800 is the max. The projector you have. How does it compare to the model I'm considering. It's the Optoma HD200x.

Edit. Sorry I see the model you have in your sig. I'll look it up
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The projector was only 350 quid and the picture is stunning (due to them being sold off by currys and pc world at the time). its only 720p on an 86 inch screen and until i saw it i would never have believed you didnt need a 1080p for this size. The colours are very realistic, nice black depth and great detail. Cant say for sure how it compares to the one you suggested but a trip over to the projector section will certainly give you some idea. From what i remember the optima was well regarded tho.

If you can, get a demo :smashin:

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