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    Is it important that the pj lens is no higher than the top of the screen image?

    I understand that pj can come with two types of Keystone correction, Optical and Digital (for example the Sim2 HT300 (+/- 8deg and 13deg respectively), should Digtial correction be avoided if possible?

    Screen size I'm considering is a 6ft 16:9 screen (72"w x 40.5"h) with a small additional top drop (7" ?) + scr housing (about 6") that would put the top of the image at around 13" from the ceiling, roughly the same height of a pj lens so I'm sure that would be ok.

    But, would a screen with a top lowering mask to create a 2.35:1 image area (72"w x 30.6), be a keystone problem for the pj as its lens would be approx 10" higher than the image top?

    I think a bottom raising mask (to create the 2.35:1 from 16:9) would obviously prevent the top image from moving, but I've only come across top masking screens?

    Any ideas?


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