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Projector Advice

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by eurytus, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. eurytus


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    Ok, I am thinking of getting a large display for watching films and playing games. I basically never watch TV.

    I have dismissed Plasma due to screen burn and LCD is problematic due to its relatively small size. That led me to Rear Projection DLP TV's but having looked at those I am starting to wonder if a Projector might be a better (and indeed cheaper) option.

    I have no preferences towards DLP or LCD, I guess you really need to view them to see if they are for you (especially in regard to DLP's rainbow effect).

    I have sort of narrowed it down to the Sanyo PLV-Z3 and the Screenplay 4805.

    What do people think of these two?

    Are both suitable for gaming? I imagine that DVD's are not likely to be a problem with either of them.

    Also, how dark does the room really need to be to watch these projectors? Are we talking pitch black?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. It is really hard to get a feel for projectors because it is so much easier to view TV's running. Hardly anywhere I know has the capability to run a projector demo. In fact make that nowhere I know, so far at least. Therefore I have a hard time believing that projectors can approach TV picture quality.
  2. Darko

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    Apr 13, 2005
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    Caterham on the hill Surrey
    You can use a PJ for TV as I do sometimes but to be honest its not the best situation and most of the guys here have both TV and PJ, I personally have a rear projection tv and a PJ and I use the tv for tv and the pj for movies as it adds the wow factor to movies.
    My advice to you would be to go for a lower budget pj like the epson tw10 or the benq 5120 or even the tosh et1 and also get youself a rear PJ tv I would imagine you could get both for a grand, You would be looking to pay that for the Projectors you have chosen anyway.
    Keep in mind PJ do not like light so even the projectors you have chosen will suffer during the day if you have any form of light seeping into your room.
    Dont let me put you off as I often watch movies during the day on my pj and I have alot of light in my room but projectors do perform best in a dark dark rooms.

    Both pj you have chosen are popular in this forum and the 4805 even has a cult following ...did you have a look at the panny ae700 or the hitachi pjtx100

    Good luck in you choice


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