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Projector advice


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Hi all need a bit of advice, I'm taking down my much loved Seleco crt which was setup beautifully by the talented Chris Frost of Lucid AV.
What I would like is some opinions on 1080p projectors in the £400 to £600 range. As I have never seen any projectors of this kind and only have the Seleco as a reference I am willing to consider all options.
Thanks to all who are willing to share their thoughts :)

Peter Parker

Distinguished Member
New projectors in that price range will usually be very bright DLP - you will need to dim them down with a neutral density filter to make the black levels even remotely acceptable to you. Some people are also prone to the rainbow effect with DLP so you need to demo. Other than that, they offer picture quality you should be pleased with, though just like CRT, you need to set them up correctly to get the best out of them. The Benq W1070 gets good reviews from most owners here for example.

For your price range, you may want to consider a used JVC projector - they have decent black levels and a similar 'look' to CRT in some respects, so you may find those or possibly Sony projectors that use SXRD technology a more acceptable replacement.

Demoing is quite important when coming from CRT IMHO as the techs are so very different, but if you can get a demo from a dealer or even a forum member, you'll have a better idea of what you find acceptable. I got my first CRT demo from a member on this forum (a Barco 808) so you never know.



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Thanks Gary for the advice and information. Don`t mind if i have to go down the used route and not in a biggish rush so could wait a while and save my pennies up to around the £1000, would this take me into a better quality of pj or would there be little difference for someone like myself who has never seen a pj of this kind?
I agree no matter what i will need a number of demos.
On another point whats the optimal length for HDMI as i will need to run new cabling.


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Had a look at your link True Romance and seem to be very close to what i`m looking for..anyone have one?


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I`m in Norther Ireland near Belfast so if anyone is in my area and can point me in the direction of a demo i would be grateful.


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save my pennies up to around the £1000, would this take me into a better quality of pj

My humble opinion is that next level up that is worth considering after these entry level models is Sony HW40. It's around 2000€ so probably over 1500£.


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Thanks hati. Had a felling that might be the case.
The problem i have when buying anything is the dreaded "its only a few quid more" syndrome.

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