Projector advice for Stewart Daily Dual Screen (Phantom HALR and Studiotek 130 G4)


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Jun 11, 2008
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I am putting together what I consider as a no compromise dedicated multiuse home theatre room.

The room dimensions are 7m (22ft) deep and 4.5m (14'9" feet) wide room.

I have two rows of seats in a 5 back row, 3 front row configuration.

The room has no windows and I have full control of the ambient light in the room.

I want to be able to watch movies in a fully darkened room in cinemascope, be able to watch live sporting events / Tv shows with some ambient light and also game on various gaming devices (PS 5, Xbox One X, PC Gaming and VR gaming on Valve Index) on 16:9 ratio.

To be able to do all of the above, I have already ordered a Stewart Filscreen daily dual screen with StudioTek 130 G4 as the fixed cinemascope screen and the Phantom HALR as the secondary drop down screen with side masking to 16:9 ratio. All of the screen materials are Microperf for acoustic transparency.

The screen dimensions are as follows:
Cinemascope (2.35:1) Studiotek 130 G4: 3616mm (142.25 inches) diagonal, 3327mm (131 inches) wide, 1416mm (55.75 inches) high
Widescreen (16:9) Phantom HALR: 2886mm (113 5/8 inches) diagonal, 2515mm (99 inches) wide, 1416mm (55.75 inches) high

So that is the background, now to my question finally. I was originally planning on buying the JVC NX7 (or 9) as the primary projector for everything. But then after speaking to the Stewart representative and also home cinema integrator, they felt that the low lumen output of the NX7 or 9 paired with the Phantom HALR screen wouldn't be bright enough in a high ambient light room.

So we were thinking about installing 2 different projectors that would turn on based on what was being watched. The JVC for watching movies on the studiotek screen and then a cheap and cheerful "Gaming" high lumens, low latency 4k projector. We were looking at the Optoma UHD38 ( But the issue is that this projector doesn't have the throw distance that I would need as the projectors are all mounted at the very back of the room (around 6m - 20 ft) throw distance.

So now I am trying to get some advice in this forum on what you think the best solution would be. I could mount this Optoma on the ceiling in range for it's throw distance (around 4m - 13 feet) but then I am concerned about any light bleed from the chassis of the projector affecting the viewing experience for people in the back row of the room. Or I try and find a replacement for this projector that has all of my needs in terms of throw, high lumens, low latency, 4k HDR etc.

Or ideally I would like to see if there is another option for my main projector that I can get away with only having one projector handle all of my needs instead of 2. I have been reading about the rumours of the updated JVC line of laser projectors that will be announced at CEDIA this September ( and I am wondering if these new JVC laser Projectors with 3,000 lumens paired with the Phantom HALR will be bright enough for high ambient light viewing mode. The other big issue with these new JVC projectors is that their expected budget is a lot higher than what I had previously planned on for the projector side of the build. And also they won't really be available in the country I am living in until Q1 of 2022.

I hope that wasn't too much for everyone to read and thank you for taking the time to read it if you did. I welcome all advice and opinions from everyone. Thank you very much.

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