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I am very new to all this projector malarky, and have been intently reading forums and projector reviews to glean as much info as possible. I am interested in buying a projector, but am a bit overwhelmed with the choices. My main question is can someome recommend a high quality projector (as cheap as possible) for use in a bedroom, which does have a large window. Curtains will block most of the light in the daytime, but will not completely blacken the room. A short throw distance is also important (2.5m to 3m max).

Also, is it vital to use a dedicated screen or will pictures be of acceptable quality on a blank wall (if so, does the wall have to be white or is there a colour which is best).

Many thanks.

Peter Parker

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The Optoma HS30a and Infocus 4805 get good reviews, so they may be worth a look - don't buy any projector without getting a demo first though. Have a look at what others here are using and see if you can demo some.

A good clean white wall that's flat and blemish free will give a pretty good picture that's comparable to a matt white screen, especialy if you give it a few good coats of matt white paint first.


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