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Right. To fit a decent sized screen in my room it will have to be ceiling mounted and not fitted to a wall. There is no way that i could project from the ceiling so i am going to have to use a stand for the projector (AE100). The centre of the lense will be about 0.8m from the floor. There is approx 1.5m of space between lense and ceiling and the max width of screen is 1.5m. Using these measurements I recking a screen of 0.87x1.53 could fit in, but even with an additional 12inch black drop the top of the screen would be approx 33cm from the ceiling. How would i go about mounting it to the ceiling with this size gap? Can anyone think of any other options, considering that i have to be able to manually pull down the screen and retract it so the room can be used for every day things. If i have been a little to hard to understand say so and i will try and draw a picture. Thanks. Hope you have had a happy christmas.


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Hmmm, I kinda see what you mean.

If the centre of the lens is 0.8m from the floor (say, 31"), and your floor to ceiling height is (0.8 + 1.5)*39= 89" (a little on the low side, flr to clng is usually 96" ?)

then the bottom of your image will be, say 27" from the floor (the AE100 shoots the bottom of its image slightly lower than the lens height), and if you're using a 58" wide x 33" (nominal) screen, the top of the image will be 89 - (27 + 33) = 29" from the ceiling.

So here's what you do - order a screen of the appropriate size, which has a long black drop, sufficient to allow you to pull down the screen to the appropriate height. I can't find it off hand, but I'm sure I've seen a post from a member here (complete with piccies) who got a screen with a long drop for similar reasons. Go searching !!!!!!

BTW, have a good think about ceiling mounting your pj, if you can at all - if its a wife/partner approval issue, get them to have a look at some of the solutions members here have come up with - they don't have to be pig-ugly or cost an arm and a leg - check out Kramer's new mount for his HS10, or search for a post on building your own mount by Fulabeer. It can be a lot less hassle once its up out of the way, and less inhibited, since you don't have to rig it up each time you want to use it. Lots less chance of someone bashing into it. at the very least it would dispense with your "drop" issue, and it sounds as tho' a normal 60" wide screen would do the trick for you then. Could be a lot cheaper than having a screen made specially for you ??? - check it out.

Good Luck

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Thanks. I will look into what you have said. I am also looking into making my own screen out of wood and painting on the actual screen finish. This way i could have one that i could wheel in and out. With regard to mounting on the ceiling. The problem I see is I have a lot of equipment that needs hooking up to PJ therefor, would this not represent a big problem with cabling?



Screen I have has 4 different "drop scenarios" available. This ia due to a 28" "black" area on top - or black top border.

At the lowest "drop" setting, the top of the "viewable" screen is 31" from the ceiling (ceiling mounted obviously) or 24.5" from the floor. Floor to ceiling height is approx 96"/97".

Obviously 3 other "higher" screen positions available.

From research, this is the only 16/9 screen available with these options (& an excellent screen to boot!)

Viewable area is 190cmx107cm.

Will be (is) for sale now(soon).

Pics available elsewhere on these forums.

Manufacturer details available here .

If you need more details PM me.

Jees - 6am "boxing day/St. Stephen's day" & I'm posting :eek:

God help me ;)


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Ok. I am now leaning towards the Sanyo PLV-Z1 for a projector as this seems to be quite a bit better than the AE100. I am trying to work out where the projector will have to be placed (has to be on a floor stand) so i can get a 127.5cm/ 50" wide screen in 16:9 format. The projector will be about 34cm from the floor and i will be sat 213 cm/(84")7' away. Now, how far from screen will the lense have to be for the projector and and high must the bottom edge of the screen be from the floor. I can't find any throw forumlas so i am hoping some people on here now how to work it out for the PLV-Z1.

I am definitely building my own screen that i can wheel in and out of place btw.

Hope that all made sense. Thanks.

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