Projecting 3D For An Exhibition


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Hello guys,

I have a question which I would be grateful if you answer for me:

I am a mature student doing a BA in Fine Art at university and for my final year I have been producing 3D, abstract, digital images and using a Viewsonic PJD 7720 to project them. I know self-promotion is not necessarily a recommendation but they are breathtaking. It's a great little projector for the price.

I would like to project them for my final exhibition in 3D and the logistics dictate that an ultra short throw projector would be best for image quality, security and safety reasons like people not walking in front of the image or tripping over the projector.

Which one do you recommend?

Also, can ANY 4K projectors take a 4K SBS image and display it in UHD 3D as opposed to downscaling to 1080P? If I could produce what I have been producing in an HDR format, they would be doubly breathtaking.

I have read good things about the Optoma Cinemax P1 and downloaded the manual. Unless you tell me otherwise, this would probably be my projector of choice although the manual does state that the 3D function is not available in 4K. I suspect that this is across the board where projectors are concerned unless some of you know otherwise.

Thanks for your help.
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