Project: PG's AV upgrade


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Hi all,

I thought I would share my set-up with you all.
I'm not ashamed to say I have borrowed some touches from some of the great installs from these very forums.
I am about 80% of the way there with mine. Only the wall mounting of my Beosound 3200 and rear speakers, the installation of the speaker outlets and general cable tidying to complete it.



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The set-up consists of the following:
Yamaha DSP-A5
Yamaha DVD S796 (soon to be upgraded)
Humax PVR 8000T
MS 815 front
MS 823 rear
MS 905i center
Mission MS6 sub
Toshiba 42WLT66


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I went for the 'no cables, no trunking' look.
I went to the extent of taking the existing sockets down 100mm so as they were hidden behind the unit.

Each speaker will have a trailing lead from the outlet to the back of the speaker but again they have been positioned directly behind each one. Each outlet has been bi-wired..."just incase I upgrade my amp darling" :D
This is my first go at a 'normal' AV install of any note. I used to install B&O kit for a living a few years back but that was very prescriptive. I quite like the fact there is a little more flexibility with this.


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Very clean install mate :smashin:
Do the cables to the plasma just run behind the plasterboard or did you put in some kind of trunking?

John 1987

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Very nice. :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the comments.
smiffy333 said:
Do the cables to the plasma just run behind the plasterboard or did you put in some kind of trunking?
They are just dropped down between the plasterboard. The kitchen is on the opposite side of the wall so it was easy enough just to take the kickboards off and burst the wall if I came across a post.
The worst part was the hour spent under the floor (which only has 300mm clearance) running the cables.



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Cheers. :smashin:
One slight concern I have though is regarding the ventilation of the amp.
There is very little space between the top of the table and the amp (and this is after removing the amp's feet and replacing them with rubber pads)
I was considering screwing a small PC fan to the back, underside of the table so as to force the hot are out of the area. Does this seem like a good idea or indeed, do you feel it's required?


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amp should be fine mate, there looks to be an inch or so gap above and its clear all round so it actually has quite reasonable ventilation.

they only "usually" get real toasty when you push them hard :)


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I've often thought of doing the same for the downstairs AV cupboard - in fact I have put an 80mm fan there wired to a 12v supply for when we're watching movies.

All I can say is, watch a movie at your favourite sound level and check the amp, see how hot it is. If you feel it needs a fan, give it an early present :)

I would say an inch would be enough though mate - when I used to have a big powerful Yamaha Pro Logic amp, it spent most of its life with a denon tuner sitting on top of it when it was part of my uncle's setup and it never flinched :)


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Very nice mate,all the hard work has paid off

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