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Jul 31, 2003
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I need to get a surround sound system to go with my new 42wh36p, but would also like to get the best picture out of my new progressive scan 42wh36 tv, can I connect the Sony DAVS550 via the component inputs to get the best picture ? Has anyone else got this set up ? If I can't connect via the component inputs for progressive scan, and connect just via the scart is the picture loss that great ? Or can anyone else sugest a great surround system that also does progressive within my 250-300 budget ?

Many thanks for any replies....
You could go for the Yamaha S540, it does PAL and NTSC progressive scan, seen the multi region version for less than £100 online, then you can pick and choose your surround sound receiver and speaker package.

The Sony DAVS550 does not output a progressive scan signal, the 42WH36 will do a 'virtual' progressive scan on the image, but it won't be as good as a properly fed progressive scan feed.

In fact, I am not a big fan of the DAV S550, it's ok as a bedroom system, but not as a full blown living room set up, Sub is inactive, and doesn't have the power or accuracy of other speaker package subs. But hey, that is just my opinion.

I would then go for the Marantz SR4400 which is being sold for less than £250 right now, and the Yamaha NSP100 speaker system, which is very good for it's size. You might find the Yamaha 440 amp for a good price somewhere (cheaper than the Marantz SR4400), if so, that is another good option.

If you have to go with the all in one package route, the only one I know of that is a decent system with Progressive scan capability is the Jamo reviewed in this months What Hi-Fi magazine.

But that system is £600 rrp, (sure you could find it cheaper on the net).

With the Bristol Sound And Vision show coming up ( it might be an idea having a gander around there for a good system.

Let us know how you get on.
Looking at the specs. on the sony davs550 it has component outputs to connect to my 42wh36, it does not even have a scart output, when I was in Dixons saturday they were selling this setup for 172.47, not multi-region but it seems like a bargain for that price, I think they have been out a while and are selling them off to make way for the new models, plus all the reviews I have read, only the odd one has slaged it off, It can't be no worse that the built in sound on the Tosh as it stands, plus the speakers are very small which is ideal for my living room. Think I'll go n get me a set, will let you all know what they sound like.
It has component outputs, but it doesn't do progressive scan I'm afraid.

The 42WH36 could apply a progressive scan over the image, but when I tried that by setting my Pioneer DV668AV to output a non progressive signal, the image quality degraded.

To take full advantage of the TV's PAL Progressive Scan feature you need a PAL Progressive DVD player, and I'm afraid the Sony DAVS550 is not one of those players.

It will deliver a decent picture, but it won't feed a progressive scan feed to the TV. And with a screen size of 42", you may notice the difference.
The Sony DAVS550 does not have Progressive Scan capability. It can output an image via its component outputs, but having component outputs DOESN'T automatically mean it does Progressive Scan.

The image provided by component outputs is slightly superior to RGB Scart, but the player itself does not supply a progressive scan feed, it doesn't have the technology inside to do so, it is not one of its features, it can't do it.

A TV with Progressive Scan capability can apply a Progressive Scan to images received, but these tend not to be as effective (read hardly ever) as DVD players doing the Progressive Scan then passing this to a TV able to accept a Progressive Scan feed (be it NTSC or PAL).

I say again, the Sony DAVS550 does not do Progressive Scan.

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