Progressive Scan - worth the paper it's written on?

Is Progressive Scan worth the paper it's written on?

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Hello all,

I have a all in one cinema system with component output. I don't know much about progressive scan (PC) but I would like to know whether people think it is that much better than interlace?

My system offers progressive scan for region 1 DVDs and whenever I'm around town and I see a cheap region 2 dvd I am usually loathe to buy it as I think that I will get a much better picture if I buy the same DVD in region 1.

I have both region 1 & 2 DVDs and it's hard to see which is better. I guess the only way to tell would be to have the same DVD in both regions.

Peoples opinions would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

James :)


Yes it's worth having.

Switching between simple 1 field deinterlacing and 2-2 pulldown there's a visible boost in the vertical resolution - and horizontal line flicker is eliminated. But I admit it's a subtle improvement and you need to look hard to spot the difference.

Performing all the scaling in the DVD then using a digital link to the screen reduces video noise and preserves more detail in the source - but again - it's a subtle improvement.

If your LCD or Plasma already has a reasonable deinterlacer with 2-2 pulldown ("film mode") the relative benefit of a proscan DVD is reduced.


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Personaly I only noticed an improvement in picture once i got my Denon 3910 and upscaled the picture to 1080i (or 720p). Anything less just doesnt work for me anymore!


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It's not an easy question to answer with a simple yes/no.

Many of us now use digital display devices (DLP and LCD projection, LCD and Plasma direct view) and these devices are all intrinsically progressive in nature. So they have an onboard de-interlacer. If they are driven with an interlaced signal, they deinterlace it. If they are driven with a progressive signal, then they don't have to.

In such cases, then, it's simply an issue of whether that onboard deinterlacer is a good one, or if its performance can be exceeded by one in a DVD player. And that depends on the display. For example, a fellow forum member, a few years back, evaluated the Sony VPL-VW12HT projector and concluded that its onboard scaler/deinterlacer did a job nearly as good as the best esoteric standalone devices, never mind any found in a DVD player.

So, really, the only answer is - it depends on the equipment.


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As has been said before, it depends heavily on what equipment you have.

I havent ventured into the digital display world yet and so do not have the luxury of onboard deinterlacers etc.

With my CRT screen there is a definate improvement in picture quality with a prog scan source - the slight screen flicker is fixed and the images look better defined. Whilst I am a purist with sound quality (will hold out for DTS versions etc) I am not so with picture quality and will buy disks which I know my DVD player cannot do prog scan on rather than waiting for one that it can.


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My set up only does progressive scan for NTSC material as well (both TV and DVD player). In my case I would say it definately makes a difference. I try not to analyse the picture too much (I wonder if some people around here actually follow the film), but there are inevitably moments where you can't help but notice good/bad pictures. As a result, all the DVDs I buy are Region 1 and I use DVD Pacific and DVD-Wow so they cost pretty much the same as they would here.

The only irritation I find is remembering to swop back to interlaced (and back again) when I borrow a movie off a friend. The pciture on the 656 flickers if you play a Region 2 movie on progressive scan.


Sorry for dumb question, but if I buy a DVD which has progressive scan - there are a few in the classified ATM - what other hardware would I need if any?

I have component from my AV amp (Yamaha 750SE) to my plasma (PW6).

Sorry still newbie, but learning fast - and yes I did a search!


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