Progressive scan with panny 6 series?


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I've been searching through old post and there seems to be some confusion as to wether you need a progressive scan dvd player with a plasma.
Is there a definate answer to this, I've read things such as the panny will do a better job of progressive scan then a dvd palyer and also whilst searching the net I noticed somewere that said
"if you get a black screen on your plasma it can be because you have the dvd player set to progressive scan and also the plasma set to progressive scan, you need to turn one off"

My setup will be rgb2vga and I'm looking at spending about £300 on a player.


does not need to be prog scan, as the the panny own deinterlaser will do i better job than a bad progressive scan dvd.

with your budget of £300 the harman kardon springs to mind, note there will be many other too.

you cannot use the rgb to vga with progressive scan. you will need either component imput, or component to vga lead( as i beleive the panny can take component over the vga imput

hope this helps


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thanks that's a great help, however as always a little more information brings abit more confusion.
My setup was going to be
Sky to rgb2vga to palsma
dvd component out to component board in plasma
video rgb to rgb in plasma

I was looking at getting a harmon kardon dvd player, but doing it this way am I right in thinking I wouldn't get progressive in Sky?
Is there a way to get progressive in Sky or does this seem about right?

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Everything you feed to the plasma will end up progressive as that is how it works. It has a de-interlcaer built in. As Jmack says you may or may not find the de-interlcaing in a progressive scan player is better than that in the plasma itself.

Video is Composite so I would suspect you will be going composite to composite with it unless you have some nutter digi VCR or Pro Model. They video will be made progressive whenit hits the plasma just like DVD and Sky will.

You do not need to turn off the progressive on any units.

If you want to get a better picture quality on all sources you might consider an off board video processor and feeding everything through that and out to the HD15 PC input or RGBHV terminal board.



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thanks, i'm getting it now, i meant video composite as carlos has allready explained that to me.
cheers guys


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Consider getting an Iscan or Iscan HD as this will work with all your sources (sky on S-video or RGB>YUV). and do all the work, with an iscan or similar a good interlced DVD player older top end models S/H are good Tosh 9000 Pio 717 ones before Prog scan was common. If you go as you are i can reconmend the HK DVD25/2550 or 30 (DVD-A) but there has been some questions over the limited edition 506 so i reconmend you get to a dealer and have a play and see one running on a panny screen in interlaced and PS mode.

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