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    First post so excuse the lack of correct terminology etc.

    I have just bought a Denon 2200 to partner my Panasonic TX32PS20 TV. This TV was bought in Sweden, where I live, so it may not be that familiar to you.

    I am attempting to play DVD's using the PS output of the Denon via component cables. The TV detects the PS signal and enters PS mode. However after a few minutes randow horizontal green lines flash up on the screen intermittently, followed by a general flash of about a third of a screen. This happens on NTSC and PAL DVD's. It does not happen when the Denon is outputting interlaced and the TV is on PS, but the picture is inferior.

    Anyone have any ideas, (please !)
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    I have an Hitachi 42PMA400E and get very similar problem as you. I'm using a Pioneer DV-668 to output the progressive scan picture. Like yourself, the picture breaks up on NTSC and PAL material but it does so only on scene changes between dark and light scenes and the colour differences between scenes have to be severe i.e. going from a scene with lots of black to a scene with lots of white. I can watch lots of films and never see the problem but pop videos and action films seem more prone to displaying the picture jump but the picture jump always occurs between radically different scene changes.

    I don't know if the problem is with the plasma or the DVD player but suspect it could be something to do with the plasma being an ALIS interlaced panel being fed with a progressive signal. Switch off progressive scan stops the picture jump.

    The only upside is I can't spot any picture improvement when progressive is switched on. No matter how hard I look I just can't see any improvement in the picture quality or the stability of the picture.

    THe problem just bugs me though and I would like to know why it happens.


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