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I recently purchased a SONY DVP-NS715P progressive scan DVD player for my TH-42PWD5 Plasma TV. I'm using a monster component video cable (with a RCA-BNC adapter) to connect them. Plus I made sure the output switch on the dvd player is set to progressive. But I'm wondering if it really is using a progressive (480P) signal. The reason for this is that when I refer to the manual for the plasma tv is says on page 22 (and I quote):

"(2) For a 525p (480p) signal input during COMPONENT input signal mode, the mode switches between ZOOM and FULL only"

It is refering to the aspect ratio controls for the plasma. The strange thing is that while viewing DVD movies, I'm still able to switch to NORMAL, ZOOM, FULL and JUST. While the manual says I should be able to switch between ZOOM and FULL only. Does this mean that the signal from the dvd player isn't progressive (480p)? Or is it the plasma? Or maybe the manual is wrong? Is there a way for me to test whether or not the signal is progressive? Thanks in advance. By the way, I'm from the US.


yes there is a way to check i think i asnwerd this for you the other day in another thread
hold the volume button on the panell and press the status button on the control 3 times very fast(the status button is the one under the power button)
that brings up a menu highlight the icc mode
select this by press the select button (the square button in between the arrow buttons)
it will say in the top right hand corner what signal is showing ie. 480i /480p 525p/625p etc
to get out i just turn the panel off on the panel

be care full in there

ps. this must be done with the plasma on and the dvd or what ever on you are wanting to check
so pop a disk in stick the panel on component imput then do it

hope it helps lets us know how u get on



I went to ICC mode and it said Y525p when i switched to progressive mode on my dvd player and Y525i when i switched to interlaced. So it means my dvd is outputting a progressive signal and my plasma is receiving it; nothing is broken. And there is a misprint in the manual for the panasonic. :)

Funny though, i always thought dvds were 480.


So did you notice any difference in quality between prog and interlaced?

As far as I know there's a de-interlacer built into the Panasonic plasma (I am using series 4 myself).
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