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I recently purchased a SONY DVP-NS715P progressive scan DVD player for my TH-42PWD5 Plasma TV. I'm using a monster component video cable (with a RCA-BNC adapter) to connect them. Plus I made sure the output switch on the dvd player is set to progressive. But I'm wondering if it really is using a progressive (480P) signal. The reason for this is that when I refer to the manual for the plasma tv is says on page 22 (and I quote):

"(2) For a 525p (480p) signal input during COMPONENT input signal mode, the mode switches between ZOOM and FULL only"

It is refering to the aspect ratio controls for the plasma. The strange thing is that while viewing DVD movies, I'm still able to switch to NORMAL, ZOOM, FULL and JUST. While the manual says I should be able to switch between ZOOM and FULL only. Does this mean that the signal from the dvd player isn't progressive (480p)? Or is it the plasma? Or maybe the manual is wrong? Is there a way I can tell whether or not the signal is progressive? Thanks in advance.


You're an early bird! What disc are you using? Does your player do pal progressive, or just NTSC? That might be your problem. I should think the manual is right.


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I have the previous model 4 Panasonic and can confirm that with both NTSC and PAL Progressive the only aspect options are FULL and ZOOM as you mention. This is using my modified Denon 3800 which outputs PAL-P.

It certainly sounds like it could be your player, and as the previous post mentioned it could be with PAL discs which are not handled progressively by your machine. Can you confirm you have tried a true 480p Region 1 title and still experience this issue?


forgot to mention that i'm from the US. so that would make it NTSC. i've played recent dvd releases such as spiderman and men in black 2 and still get the same result. could it be the cable? or my rca-bnc adapter? don't get me wrong by the way, the picture looks fantastic. i just wanna make sure if what im getting is a 480p signal.


you can check to see what signal is being shown it will say either 525p ntsc / 625p pal there is a way of doing this through a secret menu
Philips 962sa, progessive help. do a search for this thread the instructions are on there

ps. when you do this you must heve it on the imput you want to check so pop a dvd in and put it on component imput
hope this helps

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