Progressive scan on DVD's using a video source


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So far I have tried both a Pioneer 565 and Sony 930 in progressive scan mode, and though both of them look stunning on film sources there are problems with things that were shot on video, specifically - most TV shows on DVD.

I am currently working my way through Star Trek: TNG season 7 and it might not be the best picture in the world to start with, but with progressive scan enabled there are some rather nasty jaggies which occur throughout the episodes.

Do all Progressive scan DVD players exhibit these jaggies on video sourced material, or would a high end player solve this problem? I understand that the 565 and 930 are both considered fairly low end models.

I wasn't happy with the 565 anyway because it disables PAL output completely in Progressive scan mode, and made PAL pictures very 'juddery' (technical term :)), at least the Sony 930 does have PAL progressive but that still has problems with the jaggy picture.

Gary A

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