Progressive scan on a 32 inch CRT: useless?


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I'm considering the purchase of an Arcam DV88Plus. Main reason to get the Plus is the progressive scan ability. However, I'll be using a normal TV to watch my movies on. There are some TVs out there (panny, tosh) that can handle PS, but I hear conflicting reports about the usefulness of PS on such a small screen. I do not have the ability to check it for myself, so unless I get some info I'll be taking an expensive leap in the dark.

Also, would the Plus make my CD72 obsolete when it comes to CD playback? I did test the 72 against the old 88, and the former was superior.


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You would probably see a difference on a 36" Toshiba, but probably not much on the 32" models. Could your budget stretch to £2500? For that you could get a 37" Panasonic, a 42" Samsung or a 42" LG. People that have bought these seem very pleased with them. They would sure do justice to your Arcam :) Hope this helps.



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I've just got an 88+, well sort of, I'm picking it up on Tuesday. I've just replaced my old 12 year old Hifi the CD was, the brill at the time, Rotel 965BX Anyway I was impressed with the 88+ audio, I got the 88+ as it can be upgraded to DVD-A but its still a good CD source. I was in the market for a DVD and a CD and I would have spent nearly a grand on the two seperate boxes anyway, I did consider two boxes but spending £500 - £600 quid on a CD, something like a Arcam 82, with more and more DVD-A discs being released I wasn't sure it was worth it long term. I've had 12 good years out of the Rotel I don't think I'd get 12 years service out of a new CD.



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Just about to go to bed so forgive the short answer!!! I have the Tosh 32" and the Prog Scan images from DVD and US Cube are clearly better than Interlace [apart from the glitching/tearing you get with the Tosh!!]...

Can go into more detail tomorrow if required;)

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