Progressive scan modes for the PS2

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Hi everyone,

I recently invested in a projector. It's a budget affair with limited connections and signal compatability. I have succesfully squeezed 480p & 1080i out of my (enigmah) xbox and games look great. I'd like to know what component signals the PS2 outputs (i.e. 480i, 480p etc.).

The reason I ask, is that the projector ONLY accepts 480p & 1080i. Other component modes seem to cause banding. I can't even watch R1 dvd's on the xbox!

Or am I all very confused about the whole thing?

The projector is an Infocus X1a and the PS2 has a full Magic V modification.



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I can't speak for PAL PS2, but the US/JAP machines do not output a Prog Scan signal in the hardware...UNLESS the game actually outputs in software.

I know that on US import, Tekken 5, Gran Turismo 4, God of War can output at 480p (Gran Turismo is the only game to do 480p and 1080i).

you can find a list of games at http://www.hdtvarcade.com/ps2list.htm

For example, with Capcom Fighting Jam, at boot up you press Triangle and X buttons together and the game will ask you. With Tekken 5/GOW/GT4 its all set within the games menu options

I doubt very much if any PAL PS2 games do this (cause they are crap)
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