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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by douglasdunn, Jun 13, 2002.

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    OK, can someone cut through the crap for me? I have a Sony 36" XBR HDTV that can handle 1024 lines. I have been told that I don't need a progressive scan DVD player to replace my current one, as the TV is already displaying the incoming signal in a progressive scan method. Is this correct? Can the TV take the 260 x 2 interlace data from the standard DVD player and make it over into progressive scan? Please help clear my fog.
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    It's quite likely that your XBR has a de-interlacer inside that is doing creating the 480P image from all your sources.

    Whoever said not to use a progressive DVD player is assuming that all progressive devices are of the same quality, which is not the case.....The use of an off board de-interlacing solution or indeed a prog scan DVD player may yield superior results to just feeding a standard interlaced NTSC signal to the TV.

    For playback of film based DVD's accurately you should be looking for a solution with 2:3 recognition. Not all 2:3 recognition is equal though so you should test a few units. For video de-interlacing the sage chipset used by faroudja and others is good although i've just tried a sage chipped line doubler against a silicon image chipped progscan DVD player and couldn't see any difference with video based material........

    So the answer is that even though the XBR will be de-interlacing using a prog scan dvd may improve the image over an interlaced only one and the way to work out what to do is to view a few units on your TV.

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