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I've just purchased the Pioneer 757Ai DVD player and currently have it hooked up to the component terminals of my Toshiba 42WT29 Rear Projection TV.

I was wondering if there was any method of getting NTSC progressive scan to work with this TV? When I press the progressive button on the DVD the screen goes blank!

Should I assume that the TV is not compatible with a 480p signal?

If so, why on earth did Tosh bother with the component inputs in the first place?

Does anybody have any ideas?

PS - My new receiver is delivered today! A Pioneer VSX-D2011 - Yippee!


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Component inputs are for interlaced signals as well as progressive ones. Toshiba has been adding component inputs on their tvs for some's only recently that they have been adding a progressive capability as well.
Set the output on the Pioneer to interlaced and see if that works on the component inputs. Toshiba have component inputs on their 32 and 36in direct view tvs which will also handle a progressive component signal. Check the handbook for your tv to see what it says...... it may well be that this particular tv cannot handle a progressive signal.



Hello Brian,

Thanks for your reply.

It does work in interlaced mode and the picture quality is pretty marvellous. I'm just getting greedy for a taste of progressive scan! This particular model is the latest in Tosh's Rear-Pro line so it is a little disappointing that it doesn't handle a progressive signal.

Oh, well - I'll have to save my pennies for a plasma or that projector that I always wanted...

Thanks again,

James Graham

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