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Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Making Forum' started by zbvif, Jan 26, 2002.

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    I have just bought a Panasonic DS27
    It has 'progressive photoshot' mode which I understand means it take stills at a higher resolution than mere frame grabs from the video.

    Can anyone enlighten me further.
    I already have a firewire/PC setup, so can upload the video, but it only uploads at standard resolution (720*576)

    Panasonic do do a 'PC Connection Kit' for stills transfer, but I can find no details on it (other than it costs £100 and has been discontinued I have found it cheaper though)

    My question boils down to: Can I get better quality stills on my PC if I by this connection kit (or is there a way to capture them through my DV connection)

    As a side issue, I believe I already have the cable required (4 channel 3.5mm Jack to serial cable), so if anyone knows of just a software solution to get the data into the serial port.....

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