Progressive or not?



Hi. I've just bought a TV with progressive scan (Toshiba 36ZP38). My question is, in terms of picture quality, does it matter whether or not my DVD player has progressive scan, or will the TV do all the work anyway?

Thanks for any help you can give me? - TVs are easy enough to understand but I find the whole DVD thing really difficult. I have no idea really of what makes a good or bad one.


Hi Eebahoo and welcome.

If you have a TV/screen that can accept a progressive scan image IMHO you really should look at getting a progressive DVD player, otherwise you wont be getting the best out of the screen. If the TV is not receiveing a progressive signal via a component lead then it will have to deinterlace the signal from the DVD player and will therefore not be displaying a progressive picture.
But saying that, you can buy a cheap progressive player or a good interlaced player and the interlaced one may well be better quality as there is a lot more to a DVD player than just being able to output a progressive component signal.

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