Progressive or Interlaced scan?

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    We replaced an analog VCR with a Panasonic DMR-E80H for use with a 36" Sony HDTV primarily for time shifting. The picture quality is much better.
    We are not sure whether to use Interlaced or Progressive scan. Either option is available on both the TV and the DMR80.
    The Panasonic manual (pg54) says "NTSC, the video signal standard, has 480 interlaced scan lines, whereas the progressive scanning uses twice the number of scan lines,......." We are not technical people, but it seems that the more scan lines, the better. However, the factory preset is Interlaced (aspect 4:3 & 480I).
    The Sony TV manual (pg53) says that "Interlaced is recommended for moving pictures, and the Progressive is for still images and text."
    We tried both settings and the Interlaced picture may have been better, but our test was not comprehensive.
    Thanks, Howard

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