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Do all (ps2, cube, xbox)the ntsc consoles do progressive 480p?

Does the xbox do hi-def progressive ... 720p or what is it? Or are all the consoles on the same shelf in those matters?


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they all have the ability to output progressive. Xbox tends to do it as standard and more and more GC games also do now support PS.
PS2 has just started with things like Tekken 4 and Burnout 2 amd I'm sure will become more commonplace on it.
NBA2K3 on US Xbox states 720p on the back of the box but the manual only states 480p (and I still havent got round to trying it)
Hope this helps..:)


So far... NTSC Xbox's and Gamecube's can output in progressive scan.

If you modify a PAL Xbox with a chip you can then enable progressive scan via a boot disk. PAL Gamecubes will only offer an interlaced image but that could change with the Freeloader disk.

As for the PS2... NTSC and PAL can output in progressive scan IF the game supports it (much like the Gamecube).

On the Xbox its done on a hardware level so in theory all games can run in prog.scan... For the PS2 and GC its enabled via software so it depends on the game.

All of that wasn't presented well I know but I'm hungry and its cold >_<

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