Progressive DVD player or HCPC?



Having recently purchased a plasma screen, I am now contemplating either buying a progressive dvd player or building
a second pc. I have studied many of the posts on this forum but I am still not 100% clear on the issue of progressive scan.

Would I be correct in saying that an internal dvd rom connected via a graphics card (vga) will display progressive for both pal and ntsc material by default, or is this dependent on the software used to perform this task.

I had been tempted to go for an all-in-one solution (Sony DAV-S550), but if the above statement is true then I will go for the pc route as this gives more flexibility.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Apologies for my ignorance


Hi! I am saying that to alot of new members today! Enjoy the forums!

Im not sure i understand entirely what you understand and dont...... with the internal dvd drive, you run the dvd into a software player which then outputs it to the video card and to your display device. It will do this for pal and ntsc (to my knowledge, all software players will).

With a plasma i would imagine that the hcpc would be a much better performing solution, but you would need others to confirm. Its downside is that you will need to spend a good length of time to get to grips with how it all works.

But if you have the interest and time, hcpc is a delight because it can do most anything!

As Buns says, PC can be great. It can also be garbage.

If you have time and are PC literate then you can get a great picture from a PC. If you want a simple easy to use solution just for DVD then Prog scan DVD player may be the way.

If you want a robust simple to use solution that will work with all sources then look for an off board video processor of some description.


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