progressive connections??


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some time ago I saw on a thread, how to connect up the component connectors to check if you have progressive pal scnning enabled or not

it in involved swapping connectors around and as I recall resulted in a grey or no image (can't remember)

cannot now find the thread, can anyone enlighten me on what to do?



1.hold the volume button on the panell in while pressing the status button on the remote 3 times very fast (status button is the one under the power button)
2. a menu appears highlight the icc menu and press sellect

it should say in the top right hand corner what signal is showing ie 525p 525i 625p 625i.

you must have your panell on the component imput and your dvd player on at the time of doing this

to get out press the setup button then turn the panell off

be carefull in there dont go changing things

ps. if you high light the sd menu it will show you the hour clock


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thanks jmack

unfortunately, the panny is connected to tuner box and thsi disables the keys on the front of the plasma - hence the query about swapping leads around

thanks anyway

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