Progressive/component confusion


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I have just bought a Philips plasma screen that has progressive scan and also a Panasonic E95 recorder that has progressive scan.
If I turn progressive scan on, at both items I loose the component picture on the telly, it just goes black. :confused:
Do I need to only turn it on at one end or the other?
I have tried this and get a picture but A) I don't know if it's progressive scan or not and B) it's a poorer picture than when I select pixel plus :confused:

Also should I be able to have an rgb output from the scart and a component output at the same time as in the menu I have to select video or shvs with component.

At the moment I'm thinking £70 for a set of component leads was a waste of money as the rgb and Y/C pictures are just as good :(


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I don't know your set-up but it sounds to me like you may have a problem with one or other of the units. For example, I have a Pioneer PDP435FDE plasma and Panasonic S97 DVD Player, both HDMI capable, but I had to enable HDMI on both sets to get it up and running and would have thought therefore that you need to enable the progressive on both of your units.

Don't know if this is helpful or not, but just thought I'd let you know.

Best of luck in getting the problem solved.




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The dvd is a panasonic E95, the plasma is a Philips 37fd9944 with tuner box. components connect the tuner box to the dvd and the box is connected to the display via a vga output.

If I set progressive to on at tv and dvd together, I get a black screen :confused:

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