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Progressive componenet via HDMI vs Scart RGB


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I'm playing dvd's on my Denon 2910 via a QED Qunex HDMI HDMI lead connected to my Pioneer 436XDE, it's set up to output progressive component at 720p which seems the best setting.

I also have an older Pioneer DV-545 connected via a IXOS XHT611 scart outputting RGB.

Now to my question, although I'm very happy with the picture quality from the Denon via HDMI, it's not much better than the Pioneer via RGB and IMO hasn't given me the wow factor I thought I would from progressive component HDMI.

I've basically put it down to the fact that the DV-545 is a great player with fantastic PQ but surely I should have noticed a huge improvent over RGB. I must state again, both look fantastic, but surely the Denon should look better, not equal.

Has anybody any thoughts? Should I be using component cables rather than the HDMI cable or should I return the Denon and get something else?


I think the cheaper players have become that good!

Thats why blueray and the like are emerging, DVD has become a very cheap medium so hidef will line the pockets of the manufacturer's, who have seen profits drop.

Its a great step up to hidef, when it arrives.

I held off buying a "decent" dvd player until the format wars are over, my 575 Pioneer is as good as i have seen.

SDI modded will be better though, Peter i would return the 2910 (imo),
but i think you know that already ;)


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I guess I thought a £500 player which outputs progressive via HDMI would look better than my old Pioneer via RGB scart and I bought it to compliment the £2750 I spent on the plasma and thought it would be worth it.

Still think there must be a problem somewhere, it doesn't make sense after all the good things I've heard about the Denon and never having had the option to display progressive via component, although having owned a Sony DVP-7000, the DVP-7700, Toshiba 900E, Pioneer DV-717 I probably wouldn't see the wow factor seeing as they were all fantastic machines producing great PQ.


There is usually a big jump to HDMI on the pioneer because of it's relatively poor handling of analogue sources more than any intrinsic superiority of HDMI, which is a big marketing con to get you all to buy in to Hollywood copy protection. You have a settings problem. Have you disabled all the 'advanced' features, noise reduction etc. on HDMI?


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Sorry Maw, misunderstood, I thought you meant on the Denon. Yes, turned most stuff down or off, no Dynamic or anything.

My Pioneer DV-545 shows '625i Video RGB' on screen when turned on which I thought was quite good but I guess this is normal. Maybe it's just my eyes, I wouldn't have questioned it if I hadn't had the two dvd players to compare but as I say, not a substantial improvement over RGB as I would have thought.

I guess everything is working fine, when the Denon's switched on the pioneer display states 'Component 750p'.

Would it have anything to do with both the dvd player and plasma scaling or would the plasma leave things as it's receiving a 750p signal?. Sorry, don't know much about this technical stuff.


Confused me momentarily, then realised it could not be right. Not many players output 720p component! Onkyo SP1000 does.... Someone else had trouble due to cable fault earlier today, denon to xde. Error correction? A fault there might induce picture noise. TBH I'm not the best with this, I have a personal hatred of the XDE, I think it's just the emperor's new clothes. I wouldn't like the picture you are seeing anyway, I've seen it loads of times and still not found anything good to say. It's not just dynamic mode though, in the advanced settings, there is MPEG NR, all sorts of useless clag in there, turn every single thing off.


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I've been doing comparisons for the last couple of hours, a bit of tweaking here and there and I've found that the HDMI is in fact superior but it took sometime getting used to. I've been using RGB/S-Video for the last 5-6 years which gives a more vibrant sharper image and although the progressive HDMI is very similar it also adds a more film/cinema like effect.

When I noticed and posted my first message I was basing my findings on cartoon/animation dvds as these are what are played on the Pioneer DV-545 as it's used for the kids stuff but comparing other dvds, i.e Saving Private Ryan and Sin City, progressive via HDMI looks awesome so I have to withdraw my first statement that Progressive/RGB are very similar.

Maw, I guess you have your reasons for hating the Pioneers, you install them and you should know but I really can't fault them. Freeview looks fantastic with the better programs/channels and dvd, well I've been through that already. I guess until you've seen better, which you obviously have, you don't know what you're missing so I for one won't be looking around, I don't want to be disappointed.

Thanks for the advice though Maw even though in the end it was just me, lets just say you made me see the light :D or maybe not seeing as you hate the things :rolleyes:

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