Programmable recording problem with Toshiba RD-XS32 and DSS set-top-box

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    I just purchased a Toshiba RD-xs32 DVD recorder. It works great except
    for an issue I'm having recording future programs with my digital
    satellite TV system (DSS) set-top-box from RCA.

    The Toshiba DVR has an IR blaster that supposedly lets you setup the
    DSS to change a channel and then it will record the program on that
    channel. Unfortunately, the DSS requires an "OK" signal (essentially
    and 'enter' command) after the 3 digits of the channel are entered.
    The Toshiba however, will only output the 3 digits channel numbers but
    will not output the 'ok' signal to actually change the channel.

    On my RCA satellite sytem I can enter four digits without needing the
    'ok' command but the Toshiba DVR will only accept 3 digits, not 4, so that
    work around fails.

    So, since I assume that other set-top-boxes require an 'enter' type
    command after the channels are selected, does anyone have any
    suggestions for me on how to get around this? I contacted Toshiba and
    haven't gotten an answer back from them yet.

    Thanks is advance,
    Steve Tenbrink

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