Program listings unavailable (again)


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I have to reset my Panasonic Sky Digibox 2 or 3 times a week t get my program listings back. They sometimes re-appear if I go up through the channels one at a time but if I just press the right cursor to display for the next channel I get the unavailable message. A reset then cures this for a couple of days. It seems to be getting worse recently - maybe it's because I'm using the autoview most days to change channels whilst I'm at work.
Has anyone else noticed this getting worse or is it my box on it's way out ?


Just had a new box the other week, everytime it was switched off over night you had to do a soft re-boot in the morning to get all the listings back. This was a pace box 3yrs old. Sounds like a faulty box to me.


Hi JohnG

I have a Panasonic and have had to reboots twice a week once but the problem is rare.


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My old pace box is just the same .

Chan listings just disapearing nearly every other day . In the end i just got too fedup with all the probs with it and got a nice new sky+;)

I get the fealing that didgi boxes just don't have too long a life span and a lot of them are dieing :(


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I wonder if the newer models have more memory to cope with the increased listings and bigger application programs ?


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Could be . I think it is more likely that the old boxes were just not very well built to cut down on costs and now the chips ect. are failing.

It's a sad fact that things just don't tend to be built to last. If they were then sky would'nt make so much money on the 60 quid a time call outs


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i don't know about the boxes being old,my sony s760u was new on 2/7/02,the listings 1st failed 23/7/02,and again yesterday,had to do a soft reboot to get them displayed.i notice my box has been playing up since the recent upgrades,switching itself off when channels are canged etc.

B Caine

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It is down to the new software that Sky has downloaded, there have been many complaints on the forums and it is hoped that Sky will do something soon to rectify it, perhaps a call to Sky will hurry them up.


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I hope a new software release is due soon. My Pace box is losing listings every day!


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Probably rubbish, but in my opinion could they not send updates that messed up your system to persuade you to go over to Sky+
I remember when Sky Digital came out the analogue system started playing up continually, coincidence hummm ???


P.S My system is exactly the same as all the others listings keep disappearing, and its bloody annoying:mad: :mad:


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Originally posted by johnjackthom
I hope a new software release is due soon. My Pace box is losing listings every day!
Same here, I know of at least three other people that have this problem too.:mad: All I can say is Thank God for Digiguide, I'd be lost without it, it never fails.:)


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Like many / most people, I've never bothered having my Pace digibox connected to a telephone line, as the engineer said it was only for interactive services.
Does this mean I've "missed out" on new software updates etc?

(Have to say how much better NTL were; you only got the channels you paid for, and program listings were instant and always worked, and a red dot was simply a blemish on your face...)

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