Progam PVR over the internet?


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I'm looking for a PVR, or DVD-HDD, which I can program to record over the internet.

I work away from home a lot, and would love to be able to access a PVR, through the household wi-fi/LAN, and set it to record things off Freeview.

My wife is no good at this kind of thing, and always forgets to program our DVD-HDD for me. :rolleyes:

I'm not fussed about fantastic definitions and all sorts of whizz-bang features. Just something simple and no fuss.

This seems such a simple idea I can't fathom our why it's not a readily available feature. Afterall lots of DVD-HDD's/TV's have wifi and LAN capabilties (Love film, Youtube, browsers etc)....?....



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Sky+ has this facility via mobile phone I believe.

TiVo Series 1 with a Ethernet card and TiVoweb software has the facility.

For other devices use a Slingbox, which would also give you the capability of watching while away.
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The Technika Smartbox 8320HD (or Fetch as it's also known) allows this. Judging from previous comments, it wasn't the most stable of boxes in the past, but firmware updates may have improved this nowadays (I haven't really been keeping up with its progress I'm afraid).

I'd say it's worth browsing through the owner's thread before committing to purchase to see if things have improved.

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