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Dec 31, 2003
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Quickie here:

I thought PAL progressive was 576 lines and NTSC was 480.
My projector only has 625i/p as the incoming signal which I assume is the PAL interlaced signal, but this happens even with an NTSC disc. Do I have to switch to NTSC setting on the projector when I put in a Region 1 Disc?
Or is the projector converting everything to PAL?

(v basic q, I know)
and which dvd player? you may be able to set it to output NTSC in a way that the projector wouldnt mind

dvd player is jamo dvr50 (where i can switch progressive scan output on or off - currently it's interlaced fed via component lead to projector - i'm getting the projector to do the progressive thing for me, better piccies than the jamo's progressive efforts).
anyway, the projector is a panasonic pt-ae500e.
I can set the output from the jamo to ntsc (instead of pal) and then the proj tells me it's getting (or outputting?) a 525i/p signal.

What with all the tweakability on both units - I'm a bit confused now as to what exactly I'm ending up with.
(if my hunch is right, I currently get 625 lines (Pal) from the dvd which the projector turns into progressive scan. I end up with 625p regardless of what I stick in? Just wanted to check...

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