Prog Scan with Cyberhome ADL528


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Hi all,

With the 10.01 revision of the firmware for the Cyberhome ADL528 DVD player, I understand that Prog scan is now available out of it's component outputs.

If so, does this make this unit anymore desierable?

I am thinking of getting this unit as a second player, really only for the SVCD playback and CD-R playback.

Anyone got any comments on this unit (Apart from how well it flies)!!!!!

Many Thanks,

Paul Ryder


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Yeah I had a Cyberhome ADL528 about 2 years ago it seems. Ugly as sin but feature packed. My original model was a black version. Apart form doing the headphone socket mod to get rid of the annoying background noise that is really audible at low volumes it was spot on perfect. The picture at the time seemed excellent via RGB although I now realise there was a slight lack of background detail in the image compared ot some other players. The composite and s-video images looked rubbish to me. It ran with most media but was sensitive to how dvds were authored. It didn't like early nero authoring of dvds.

I upgraded to the 10.01 firmware and I think there is a 10.05 firmware now. Anyway the 10.01 firmware gave me problems so I wanted to downgrade the firmware but it wouldn't let me. I complained to cyberhome and customer service was excellent. Richer Sounds collected my old model and deliverd a silver Cyberhome in its place which I was pleased about. Sadly the new model seemed much more likely to crash out during a movie. Something I don't remember from the earlier model. I think a region 3 version of Pearl Harbour crashed about six times during playing. VCDs/SVCDS were fine. The problem was possibly related to reading the second layer. Anyway it was got rid of. I think Richer Sounds were/are selling the 528 for £29.99 and as long as you get one of the ones like my first one and not second its stunning value.

I was aware of the progressive option but had nothing to test it on at the time.

The Cyberhome is actually quite a powerful dvd player with a 83mhz Luxor risc chip at its heart. At the time most of the competing dvd players that i could find out about had chips running at about 60mhz. Then again having a full 5.1 decoder built in would probably require more processing power than the more basic models.

You probably know it already but I'll draw your attention to it anyway.


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Thanks for the Reply, I would really only be using it for SVCDs, already have a Sony, but for £30 I was tempted.

Thanks for the link, I wasn't aware of them.



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