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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by BT52, Apr 14, 2004.

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    Having real problems and very confused.

    I want RGB input obviously and prog scan component output.

    As far as I can tell the Toshiba DR-1 has all this, yet looking at previous threads people seem to think it is missing one or the other, especially RGB in. Very odd as all sites I see claims it has both as does Toshiba's website and the people at Richer Sounds. Has this model been upgraded recently or something?
    There is one RGB input apparently.

    Then there's the JVC DRM1 or is it M10 now?
    The M1 apparently did film AND video prog scan. Does this mean a sky source could be turned into a prog scan output?
    I can see no references to this for the M10 though. Really hard to see the real specs anywhere. And does this have RGB input???

    And what about Panasonic E55/E65?

    Also seems the Toshiba uses a different method of prog scan to the JVC. Anyone know which method is the better?

    I'm sure this has been done to death, but I can't see where, is there a definitive answer for the RGB-in PS-out recorder for circa £300 question?

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    far far away
    I have a Toshiba DR-1 so can only comment on that. The DR-1 does not have RGB in but does support RGB out. The S-Video in gives excellent results on all sources, mine is mainly from Sky+. The PS output is tremendous and you'll be hard pushed to find such a good PS PQ at under £300.

    The player can convert the source inputs to PS e.g. Sky in -> Sky PS out. the player can detect PS flags on DVDs auotmatically or you can select manually.

    You should maybe have a look at the new Panasonic E55 I believe it has RGB in and PS out.


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