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Got my 962sa DVD player today and have connected it up via component [prog scan on the player.] How can I tell if it's outputting prog scan? The picture is better than svid... but I'm not sure I've got it set up right yet. The DCDI is set to on... what else do I do.... ?

I'm sure I'm being dumb but those of you who have both the Panny 42inch plasma [4th gen] and philips 962sa what are your settings?

The SACD is truly impressive BTW.
Can you let me know where you got the player from or if you know of any sites with information on it - a quick search on Google failed to get much info.


I am moving back to Denmark from the US and bought a TH-42PWD4UY (US version of what you have I believe). I want to buy a 962SA from Hivizone.

How are the two units working together?
How does NTSC Progressive and PAL Progressive look on the PannY?


Does this unit work on a 240v supply right out of the box???

Looks like a superb unit..

NTSC and Pal Prog look terrific. It still depends on the quality of the disk of course. An R2 Lord of the Rings looks stunning. As does a n R1 copy of Seven.

And yes the player comes ready with a UK style plug attached... and no need for a transformer.

Any way (other than the improvement in picture quality) that you can see what type of signal, e.g. 480p, is being inputted into the plasma?

Many thanks
Hi Gordon

On my Toshiba, when you press the 'info' equivalent key, it just brings up what input you are using (Component, PC, AV) and the aspect ratio in use.

Thanks for the suggestion
found a way to check for progressive signal 525p or 625p
pm me and i will tell you if you still want to know?
its scary in there,

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