Prog Scan Home Cinema recommendations?


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I'm interested in getting a home cinema system with progressive scan (pal & ntsc preferably) for under or around £300.

Can anyone recommend anything?

I realise it's not much to spend, but is there anything out on the market in that price bracket.

I have seen the Panasonic SCHT 900, but it's a bit out of my price range.

Many thanks


If you are talking about just a DVD player, the Sony 730 & 930, Limit 900 (I think that's the model number) and I think Harman Kardon do one; all are under £300. I'm sure there are others; there's plenty of choice in the low-mid price P/S DVD player market.




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Thanks, but Im actually looking for an all in one solution. I dont want to have to buy an amp and speakers seperately.

Can anyone tell me if the Panny SCHT 500 supports prog scan? Richer sounds are doing these at £199 at the minute.



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Dan - at this price range I wouldn't let prog scan swing your decision one way or the other - if you break down a 300 quid budget over 5 speakers, a sub, a DVD player, an audio processor, and some amplifiers you end up with not much budget going into the prog scan bit!! The odds are you won't be able to tell the difference, or worse still your plasma/projector will perform better being fed interlaced!!!!

The panny is an otherwise very good system (no prog scan though)

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