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Sep 20, 2002
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can progresive pal be sent to a philipa 9607 through rgb scart or migiht it happen in the future
Progressive signals are only outputted through component sockets. Any device that can handle progressive must have these.

As far as I'm aware, there are no TVs in the UK that can handle progressive.
The Panasonic TX32PH40 can handle PAL prog scan through its components, I have one.
the toshiba strata 32ZD26. It's a beauty!!
It does NTSC prog scan and it is good at it, however it DONT do PAL prog scan.
i really think that if the dvd player outputs pal progressive through the component output to the component input on the tv that accepts progressive scan, it doesn't matter if it's NTSC or Pal cause the tv will do it both. (not sure)
It does matter, there is plenty of evidence on this forum to confirm this. Would be great if it did as there would be much more choice, alas.....

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