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I have a Proflight Orbit which I find easy to fly and god quality pics but you cannot buy a spare battery so,after agonising customer service Drones Direct have offered to replace my drone with three alternatives the D15,the D19 or the X18. They will credit me and I stump up the price difference - fair enough. However,I cannot find any reviews indeoendant of DD that enable me to make a decision. I am tempted by the x18 but I would need to put a lot to it and some of the reviews by Direct Group staff? are not good so where do I go for advice? I do appreciate thet they are "toy" drones compred with proper ones as they cannot be repaired and are quickly superceded by later models but I just need an inexpensive introduction to droning. If the quality of the 15,19 and 18 are as good as the Orbit I would be satisfied. Also as DD appear to own Proflight and although their CS need sorting out they are supreme at marketing. However,even though they don't charge a king's ransome for their products I simply need the opinion of actual users. I also appreciate that many folk simply take 'em out of the box and fly them without careful setting up so that has to be considered in all reviews.
I would appreciate any advice as I must make a decision upon which exchange is best for me. I am very tempted by the brushless motors of the X18 as I have used them in my model 'planes to great effect and I found that the Orbit would only fly safely - and you can't afford to damage these cheap entry level drones- in the lightest of winds.
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I've just popped across to the DD site and looked at the X18. Must admit it's a very nice looking drone but has bad reviews mainly because of the camera. No mention of any axis in the camera which is VERY important for smooth videoing. Personally I would not buy any drone that didn't have brushless motors too. One thing to think about is the availability of spares , mainly batteries. I can no longer get batteries for 2 of my older drones ,one being the MantisQ. Out of the 3 batteries I have [ 2 were bought from DD] 2 are now puffing up and one gets so hot it's about to explode. So, as newer models come out I think support is dropped on previous models . So , it's important to go with a drone with good support and parts availability. Out of the many drones I own ,most are old models now, I avoided the DJI's mainly because of the cost . But, my recent purchase [from a member on AVForums] is a Mavic Mini combo set. What a drone, knocks spots of the opposition , very light ,has everything I want in a drone ....long flight times ,3 axis gimbal, folding arms, good app, very light .etc. Batteries for the mini are available from Argos for about £45 ,which is not bad . There are other more expensive drones out there , with better cameras and more features ,some with batteries costing £150 , so you have to decide with what budget you have on the best model for you and dont buy a drone that will disappoint you in 6 months time.

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