Profile File for TV Channel Scans


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What is the file - presumably an INI file or maybe in the Registry - that holds the info. from scans of t.v. channels? My new Toshiba laptop has but one t.v. card. I can scan for analogue channels OK. But when I scan for digital channels it loses all the info. from the analogue scan. Then when I rescan for analogue it loses all the info. from the digital scan. THIS IS A PAIN - especially since hand-editing out the plethora of useless digital channels takes quite a while. A laptop implies mobility and I don't want to have to keep having to rescan for available channels each time I want to watch analogue or digital t.v. depending where I am. I'm quite happy to write a small VB app. to rename the INI file to say: analogue_manchester, digital_birmingham, then I can keep the scans and bring each one in as I change locations. Thanks - CJB.

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