Proficient CC525 Center channel speaker - how good is it?

Discussion in 'What Speakers Should I Buy?' started by DavePalmHarbor, May 14, 2018.

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    Hi All,

    I am slowly building my HT system and recently upgraded my receiver to an Integra DTR9.9 (from an Onkyo TX-NR616). I currently have 'ok' speakers that I purchased used, and my center channel speaker was thrown in 'as a freebie' to make the deal. It is JBL N-Center and it sounds like a substandard speaker; especially after upgrading the receiver. It sounds TERRIBLE!

    I have a chance to by a Proficient CC525 for $40 dollars and I wonder if it's worth it as an upgrade (even if I get something better down the road).

    Of note: the Proficient weighs 21 pounds vs. the JBL at < 10 pounds.

    Any thoughts on the Proficient? myMy concern is that I might get it, and not notice any real benefit.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.

    All the best

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