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I was going to order a Lyngdorf TDA1120 (and may still but its on backorder so I have some time to decide) but my partner doesn't like the sound of my current speakers (Elac Carina). I am thinking of just going to active Elac Navis (or something else active that isn't a studio monitor, nearfield and farfield useage. Source is my Win 10 PC using itunes, Spotify use and might want to try out Roon but that's not necessary)
Is there an all in one DAC/PreAmp/Streamer that does the following:
-XLR Outputs/ RCA so I can connect a sub through RCA still (not totally necessary for the RCA though)
  • headphone output 1/4 " or better (no 3.5mm)
  • Streaming options
  • Airplay
  • Volume Knob and ability to access volume from an app if possible or a remote (My Yamaha WXA-50 does this and I like it a lot when I am not at my desk to change volume)
  • Would hope it's fairly compact 12" wide or less at most.
  • Ideally below $1000 Canadian dollars, would need to order in canada hopefully or USA
  • Would prefer AKM or ESS Sabre Dac but I am not picky as I can't hear the differences when I have tried different ones.
I saw the Topping DX7 Pro which did most of this or the Matrix Audio mini-i Pro 3. Schiit Jotunheim 2 did some of this without streaming though or a remote.


If you are looking at a Lyngdorf 1120 then I would wait on your speakers because you have not heard what RoomPerfect can do to make them sound as they should do in your room. It really is a revelation. It can integrate subs with mains in a completely seamless way that really does bring the sound alive. I started with a 2170 and bought an 1120 without a demo because I was so impressed with RoomPerfect on the 2170 and what it did for my sub/speakers.


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What he said.


The room can have such an impact on how any speaker sounds and if you're going to get the Lyngdorf then I would certainly hang on to your current speakers and wait to hear what Room Perfect can do. So I agree with both of the comments above. Changing speakers may not alter anything.

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