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I'm currently in the market for a music streamer that can handle HD audio sourced from a NAS drive. That might sound simple, but my reason for posting here is that my key requirement to find a product that can stream multi-channel (5.1 / Atmos) music. I've been trawling through forums about this topic, and also I've read through the specs of several music streamers, but everything I've found suggests this kind of content would be downscaled to stereo. If this music came on a physical disc (DVDA, SACD, BluRay) then it would seem to be a trivial thing to achieve. When the content is stored on a NAS in the form of a FLAC file (for example) the situation for me seemed to become less clear.

Appreciate any corrections, guidance and recommendations.


I'd start by defining what you mean by the marketing term 'HD' when talking about audio, such as used by the BBC when referring to their best quality, but lossy, 320kbps AAC encoded internet radio streams (using either the HLS or MPEG-DASH streaming protocols).


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Ok. Fair point. To be clear, I have audio files on my NAS in 24/96 and 24/192 which I want to stream plus also multi-channel audio files in a similar resolution. Finding a product that can stream both types seems to be challenge, hence the post. I can use my nvidia shield to run this kind of content but I was hoping that an audio only music streamer existed as an alternative.


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Since my last post I’ve spotted that the Roon Nucleas appears to have what I’m after - the ability to output multi-channel audio from audio files hosted on a NAS. My issue with the Nucleus though is that it appears to be the host of the audio files whereas I’m hoping to use my synology for this. I could buy the Nucleus but it seems like I’ll be only using a portion of the the functions. Is there was a Nucleus ‘lite’ that would be cool as long as it could also output multi channel and hi res audio via hdmi.


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Apple tv device is a cheap option for surround music from tidal.

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