processor .. weird? help


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when i go to control panel

view system information..

cpu should be 2.41 ghz... as it is now...

before i restarted my pc however, the speed was 2.84ghz.... in the same window


things i have done since i got my new pc that might be related to this

I installed cool n quiet driver, then at some point uninstalled it in windows because it was told i should by someone else for some reason.. so i just did it

I know nothing about cool n quiet might i add...

never did i go into bios and change this setting like apprently you might have to...

after i uninstalled this driver btw, soon after, my mobo made a sound like a fireengine, nee naah i turned my pc off quick

that was ages ago, hasn't done it since

When i was on css before, my fps was 20, then 30 seconds later returned to 100fps...then was fine..

however my cpu speed certainly shouldnt be doing this right?

whats going on :shock:

btw is the value under core speed supposed to change?, noticed then it twitched by .1 mhz


If something needs altering with processor it might explain other weird behaviour of my pc, such as my mouse cutting out whilst playing games, occasional blue screens, and random restarts

my specs

450w antec smartpower 2 - came with antec sonata 2
abit kl9 sli mobo
sata HD
dvd rw
processor in pic above 3800 2.4 amd
2gb ram corsair..

ran memtest86.iso.. no errors


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i just looked in bios and it was on AUTO so i disabled it and saved to cmos, which might explain it, i was so sure i already checked that, strange.. Anyway any additional info or explanations will be very appreciated ...assuming i dont need to post in here again with problems from now..


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I think you're in the wrong forum matey.

This is processors as in home cinema seperates processors, not the PC CPU type. :rotfl:

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